42 6th Street, Wynberg , Sandton 2090

GPS Coordinates:   -26.109610, 28.080744

About Us

Vip Panelbeaters was established in 1999, and promotes itself as a panel beating enterprise that delivers exemplary service and workmanship. We seek to maintain and train the highest quality of artisans. Our years of excellence is based upon the sum total of our staff, and we strive to create better working relationships to benefit our patrons.


Product & Service
Vip Panelbeaters thrives on delivering the best product (workmanship and paints) available at the best possible prices. We aim to provide quick turnaround times without compromising standards and requirements. Our goal is to maintain and use the finest base-line products “ingredients” at set standards, complying with manufacturer’s level. This inspires and helps the company consistently deliver on its promise - The Finest Product at Its Best Price.

At all times the client is foremost in the mind of the company, as it is the client who is the base of the company’s existence. Our continued success in the industry has been a result of always going above and beyond to serve the client and fulfil the client’s needs and requests. It is the company’s wish to ensure that the client feels “at home” and adopts the company as part and parcel of the client’s motoring life. 

Vip Panelbeaters will continually aim to further all reasonable/minor requests without charge.


In essence, our main purpose is to ensure our client receives a refurbished product that stands proudly, disaffected and uncompromised by the unpleasant accident. We stand by our exceptional workmanship, and guarantee that the very finest products are used at all times. We ensure the client has complete freedom of recourse if concerns are raised, without question or debate.